Tuesday, 19 August 2014

"Dray Days of Summer" Second painting of the Harveys brewery dray

Harveys dray and the John Harvey Tavern, Lewes, Sussex
I have decided to paint the Harveys brewery dray again but this time in front of the wonderful flint built building of the John Harvey Tavern in Bear yard, Lewes.
I was returning from a lovely Summer's walk to the top of Mount Caburn when I spotted the dray out side of the Tavern.
 Last time I painted them it was being pulled by Monty and Winston the beautiful shire horses. This time Monty was having a break as the roads were taking their toll on his hooves. His handsome stand in was called Guinness, a very apt name!
There's a lot of detail to go in to the painting not to mention all the flint on the walls! It will be an interesting challenge and a great subject to paint.
After sketching out the composition I have started work on the flint walls. There's quite a few bits and pieces to go on the walls so I need to get them painted and dry before I can add the hanging baskets etc.
Painting in the flint walls of the John Harvey Tavern

I've made a bit more progress today. The windows seem to be taking a long time so I've decided to flit back and forth so I don't get bored with one area.
I have also started to paint in where some of the other bits are going to go. There seems to be so many things to include and the more I study the photos I'm working from then the more I see!
 I hope to work on the horses tomorrow as they will take several layers to get the depth and colour that I want , but I also want to finish the tavern and paint the cart and the roof and.....and...and....
Work continues on the Tavern and begins on the dray
Busy day today! I have been painting for about 6 hours and have almost reached the half way mark.
It's good to get the horses started and to start adding some finer detail to other areas. A lot of shading has gone in today as well which starts to bring it to life...
Starting to paint in the horses and detail on other areas
I have spent today concentrating on the left hand side. I don't think there is much more left to do on the cart other than some small detail.
Painting in the cart
 Finally I have finished , it's been an interesting and enjoyable subject to and no doubt will not be the last time I paint it. Harveys also have a wonderful blue and red show dray that I would just love to paint!
                                           "Dray Days of Summer"
"Dray Days of Summer" Acrylic on canvas

   "Draught and Dray" http://paula-paintmyworld.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/draught-and-dray-painting-horse-drawn.html#.U_OIrWOFDIU

If you would like to know more about the Lewes breweries ten you might like to see this    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1088290864/ale-tales-ale-and-hearty-brewing-heritage-book

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

"Southern Steam"

Steam engines at the Bluebell Railway
 We live just a couple of miles away from the Bluebell Railway and can often hear the "toot toot" of the steam trains from our garden.
It's an interesting place to visit and a delight to see a part our heritage in all it's glory!
My subject is the Class B473 locomotive. It was built in 1898 for the London, Brighton and South Coast railway so it seemed fitting to add it to my "Sussex by the Sea" collection...
                                                   "Southern Steam"
                                Acrylic on box canvas 20"x 16"x 1.5"
Painting the steam train B473 from the Bluebell Railway

Wall view of "Southern Steam"

This is the second engine I have painted from the Bluebell Railway, my previous one was titled "Full Steam" and is available as a ceramic picture tile .
"Full Steam" ceramic picture tile by Fiesta Studios 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Painting Brighton beach. Part 2

Brighton beach,fresh fish and West Pier
Just a pebbles throw away from the Carousel on Brighton beach  is the Fishermen's museum and kiosks selling fresh fish and various sea foods.
I spent some time here watching a man bravely feeding bread to the seagulls. They're quite alarming when swooping down for food but it was a good photo opportunity !
The view out to sea is dominated by the rusty ruins of the old West Pier that closed in 1975. It has since suffered from collapse, fire and storms leaving little but memories of times gone by.
It's now just an over sized perch for the seagulls .
I thought I would include it in my second Brighton beach painting before it disappears forever !
Sadly whilst painting it I heard news of a fire on Eastbourne's Pier 40 miles along the coast. It all seems such a shame, another part of our coastal heritage in ruins  .
Fire on Eastbourne pier, July 2014
So my painting seems very poignant at this time....

                                               "Flight to West pier"
Painting the view towards West pier at Brighton

                                Painting Brighton Beach part 1

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Paintings of Brighton beach, Part 1

Brighton beach
"Oh I do like to be beside the seaside " :)
 So in this wonderful weather that's where I went !
I took myself down to Brighton again whilst the sun was shining. The tourist season is now well underway and the beach is full of fun and colour.
I usually avoid Brighton at this time of year as it gets so busy, but I wanted to capture some Summertime views . I wasn't disappointed and came back with lots of ideas for painting.
There will definitely be two on the easel from my day out.
The first is the carousel that's situated on the beach. Bright, colourful and seaside fun.
                                                "Seaside Carousel"
                                     Acrylic on box canvas 16"x 20"x 1.5"
I loved this view of the carousel as it looks like the horses are galloping out to sea .
A subject with lots of detail and so vibrant!!!
 I started work on the canopy first , there's a lot of lights to paint in so I thought I can skip back and forth to avoid getting bored.
Starting work on the canopy
We now have a heat wave which makes painting with acrylics very hard ! The paint dries on the brush before you can get it on the canvas, especially with the small brushes that I'm using.
Starting to add the horses to the carousel
I have persevered and made a little more progress to the top and also started to paint in the horses.
Painting in the base
Putting in the base means I can now flit about the painting adding bits as I go and building up the layers on the larger areas. I really need to add more of the lights next .
Most of today was spent adding the lights! When the canopy is finished I will give it a wash of dark vermilion to put it in the shade. 
.....a few days later.....
The hot weather has meant progress has been frustratingly slow but I have plodded on and finally finished! ....
"Seaside Carousel" Brighton beach painting

    More paintings of Brighton "Helter Skelter", "Pier View"
                                                  "Brighton pavilion"