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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Sunset at Newhaven, Sussex
I don't often paint sunsets, it's a subject that's a bit overdone and not really my thing.
 However, after working on all the tiny detail of Brighton Pavilion ....
"Pavilion Pink and Ice Rink"
I wanted to paint something a bit simpler.
I was also looking for something that would not only be connected with Winter but also to fit in with my seaside collection of paintings.
There is something about the sea in Winter, it has a menacing air about it. The cold dark waters are are almost hypnotic .
Our trip took us to Newhaven, as it's a port it's not the prettiest of locations but it's easy for us to get to and ideal for taking sunset and sea photos for reference .
You can never tell how a sunset will develop but luckily for us it was just glorious!

" Then,
           for a brief moment,
                                       the skies turned to fire as the sun sank into the cold Winter sea" 

                                                            "Seaside Sunset" 
                                                             Acrylic on canvas 20"x 16"
"Seaside Sunset" Acrylic painting of the sunset at Newhaven, Sussex

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Painting Brighton Pavilion . "Pavilion Pink and Ice Rink"

The ice rink at Brighton Pavilion
Happy New year !
I thought I would start the New Year with something colourful and challenging.
Just before Christmas we went down to Brighton to see the lights . I had not been out much as I had badly sprained my ankle so it was lovely to have a break and get out of the house.
We took a walk to the Pavilion to watch the skaters on the ice rink for a while.
 As dusk fell the buildings were lit with blue and pink spotlights. Everything looked very magical, just like something from a fairy tale!

I've painted the Pavilion before and remember how awkward it was. There's a lot of detail and unusual angles to tackle,  this time  it will be different .
I've never painted a scene that is lit by coloured lights before, it causes an array of different tones and shades that seem quite unreal. But......I do like a challenge !
Three days into the composition and I have managed to make a good start .....
Starting to paint the Pavilion
I'm working on a grid to make sure I get the angles right and prevent it all from getting too confusing! Once I have painted in the main areas I can start to build up the colours and add some detail.
Starting to build up the colours
Although progress is slow I'm happy with how it's going so far. I have also put in some simple washes of colour on the ice rink to help give me some markers for when I get around to painting it.
Making a start on the marquee
I thought today that I would have a change from the architecture of the pavilion and made a start on the marquee. It still has to have fairy lights added and a few people waiting to skate. I have also been adding more shading onto the right hand side plus the first spotlight.
Adding a bit more to the background
 Busy now making progress on the right hand side , also the other spotlight and some finer detail that doesn't really show on a photograph. I'm probably about half way through now.
Working on painting the Brighton ice rink
 It's now 10 hours further on into the painting. The buildings on the right hand side are now finished and I have started to paint in the reflections on the ice . All still going well and should be finished in a couple of days :)
Well, it's not a couple of days, it has become so addictive that  I decided to knuckle down and get it finished.  So here is the final result ....
                        "Pavilion Pink and Ice Rink" 
"Pavilion Pink and Ice Rink" Acrylic painting of Brighton Pavilion
                          Acrylic on canvas 24"x 18"x 0.5"
Wall view
 Cards, prints, cushions, bags available
Whilst painting I have also contributed to an article for Voluntary Arts about getting inspired for the New Year  which you can see here ... resolutions-painting/

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

"Naps, Tatts and Doughnuts" Painting a very British day on Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier
This Christmas I have decided not to paint anything festive, instead I am going back to the wonderful hot sunshine days of Summer !
Several of my trips this year took me down to Brighton, it's only 18 miles away from my home and as I don't drive it's not only easy to get to but also one of the most colourful resorts.
I love wandering along the Pier, it captures such a typical atmosphere of a traditional British seaside.
Ice cream, sticks of rock, candy floss, fun fair, deck chairs and much much more!
As a bit of fun I thought I would create a composition that would capture a little of the seaside spirit.
It's going to be slow progress and probably won't be finished until the New Year but it will definitely be fun to paint!
Work in progress ......   "Naps, Tatts and Doughnuts" 
Acrylic on canvas 24"x 18" 
Starting to paint a lighthearted scene of Brighton Pier
  It's taken quite a while to sort out the composition and each part will take several layers of paint to achieve the depth that I want. There's a lot of fine detail to work on and add as I progress.

Gradually bringing the painting to life
 Little by little the painting comes to life. I'm about two thirds of the way through it now. The shadows and highlights start to bring the painting "alive" and the title makes more sense !

Christmas day has now passed and I've been busy painting between cooking  lots of festive goodies .
It's taken longer than any other painting I have worked on but I have enjoyed every brush stroke. 
So now finally I have finished my last painting of 2015 :) 

                                 "Naps, Tatts and Doughnuts" 
"Naps, Tatts and Doughnuts" Painting a lighthearted scene of Brighton Pier, Sussex

Thursday, 26 November 2015

"Lunch in the Lanes" Painting The Lanes, Brighton

The Lanes, Brighton

I have decided to give myself a challenge and paint a Summer time scene from one of my visits to The Lanes in Brighton.
The Lanes  were once part of a small fishing village. Then the Victorians sought the therapeutic benefits of sea-water and the popularity of Brighton expanded into the town we know today .

There is an intricate maze of twisting alleyways, with a wonderful mix of history, shops,pubs and cafes. The atmosphere in the Summer sunshine is positively bubbling .
I have chosen a scene that contains many different elements , architecture, shops, cafe, trees and flowers...

Work in progress...
                                              "Lunch in the Lanes"
                                                    Acrylic on canvas 18"x 24"

Day 2 of painting The Lanes in Brighton
So far I have spent 13 hours on the composition. There are some awkward angles to get right and plenty of detail ahead. For now though I need to build up the base colours, it's time consuming but worth the effort !
Day 3 of painting The Lanes
 I am pleased to sat that I made good progress today. I've been flitting about painting a bit here and there and have made a good start on the foliage and flowers as well .
Day 4 and 5, starting to add the detail
 The weekend's progress has been much slower. I'm now working with very small brushes and gradually adding some of the detail. All going well so far and I'm enjoying painting process. It has a lot of different things in it which keeps me enthusiastic to add something new each day .

Well, with progress on the slow side I decided not to post  any more works in progress. It would be very boring to see so little change! It has taken a lot of work to complete but it has been fun !

                                            "Lunch in the Lanes"
"Lunch in the Lanes" Acrylic on canvas  (Brighton)