Monday, 5 January 2015

January dilemma !

The New Year has begun and as usual it prompts me into a big tidy up and sort out session in my art room.
Now as you know I'm a very prolific painter but the space where I work is small so every so often  storage becomes a problem  ......
My logical head says to have a massive January sale but my sensible head realizes that financially this isn't possible .
I have always sold my artwork  at a low price as I believe that art should be affordable to everyone , the joy of someone appreciating my work so much that they wish to own it means far more to me than any amount of money ever would.
Normally I only sell through online galleries as  it suits me the best and they have been very good and effective ( I don't publicly exhibit)
So....what's my dilemma  ?
 Well ....if I make big reductions I still have to pay an average of 37% commission and postage costs. This means that financially I am barely , if at all, covering the cost of materials, not to mention the time involved in creating a painting ......'s the good news!
Until the end of January 2015 if you see an artwork of mine that you wish to purchase and have a UK shipping address (Sorry but I don't ship abroad)  then you can make some  BIG savings by buying direct .
 Below you will find a selection of artwork that I have for sale at the moment, if you see something you like and would like to know more then please contact me for details....  
 . Thank you . Wishing everyone a very
 Paintings for sale.... Price range £30-£290
1. Cuckmere Cottages      2.River Reflections  3.The Royal Oak      4.Blackcap Down
5. Chapel Hill rooftops     6. Lakeside Autumn     7. Dray Days of Summer   8. Brighton Pavilion
9.Southern Steam      10. seaside Carousel    11. Seagulls over Arundel   12. Summer Green
13. Sussex Sea       14. The Edge of Autumn     15. The Ploughing Match  16. Tide out and Fish tales

 Still life
 1. All the nice girls...     2.Untold Stories  3. The Bulldog Blues   4. Cupcake temptation
5. Beachcombing        6. Beer and Old Blighty       7. Very Cherry Delight     8. Short Circuit
9. Cherry True Love    10. Paint-Ted        11 Button love    12. Love Buttons 
13. He loves me, he loves me not    14 . Sunflowers and Nasturtiums  15. Winter Warmer 16. MG

 1. Busking and Bones    2. Old Chords and Coffee  3. Daisy    4. Playtime   

Friday, 2 January 2015

"Winter Walk" Painting inspired by the early morning frost

Early morning frosty views on the outskirts of Newick, Sussex
Christmas was wonderful but after several days in the house I was glad to get out and about again. We've had a few frosty mornings lately so I decided to venture out for a walk to catch the sun rise and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside on the outskirts of my village.
The low Winter sun and widespread frost revealed a new range of colours to use for a painting.
I love how the landscape changes so much with the seasons and weather and each walk becomes a new inspiration on an old path...
I have chosen to paint a view of the track I followed on the edge of Newick Park Estate. The sun had just started to rise, lighting up my path ahead like a giant candle glowing fiercely  through the trees.

Work in progress... "Winter Walk" Acrylic on box canvas, 18"x 24" x 1.5"
Work in progress..."Winter Walk"
I started by giving the canvas a wash of pink and yellow for the background then painted in the trees in the middle. Once dry 2-3 thin washes of white and yellow were painted over them to knock them back into the distance. Next I repeated this procedure for the tree at the back left.
 Bit by bit I am working towards the foreground adding in the shadows and sunlight as I go.
Working on the foreground 
 This morning I have started to make good progress on the foreground . This area is mostly made up of frost and ice, it's also in the shade so there will be a lot of blue tones to paint in.
The track is created by merging  many small dots of colour, once this is dry I will be able to add the highlights and shading.
Well another day's painting means I have now completed the painting....I hope you like it !
                                    "Winter Walk"
                               Acrylic on box canvas 18"x 24"x 1.5"  
"Winter Walk" Acrylic painting on box canvas
Painting inspired from a Winter walk on the outskirts of my village of Newick in Sussex

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

"Cupcake Temptation" Colourful still life painting featuring cupcakes

 It's nearly Christmas  so I've been busy baking.
I  don't enjoy cooking but on special occasions I will brave it into the kitchen and attempt to create  something yummy. Cupcakes are easy and fun which means they are a good option for me.
I am pleased to say that they turned out rather scrummy,
the only problem being was not to eat them all !
So much temptation on a plate!
I decided the best way to resist was to use the last one in a still life composition. I found a nice selection of items that I thought would look good together and so the painting was started ....
"Cupcake Temptation" work in progress

I slightly altered the colours to avoid too much white in the background as I wanted a stronger contrast. I'm happy with the result and I now have a cupcake that's non fattening and calorie free! ;)

                                 "Cupcake Temptation"
                                                     Acrylic on standard canvas 18"x 24"
"Cupcake Temptation" Acrylic still life painting with cake

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...."

November has been such a busy month ! Besides completing a few more paintings I have had other things going on   in my world ....
Firstly, my painting "The Ploughing Match " was very kindly included in the November edition of the Sussex Living magazine . This was great as it's distributed in my village and surrounding area.

 Then in between painting I've been making a few things ready for Christmas. I enjoy the challenge of making things out of bits and bobs and it always makes me think of my childhood days, eagerly watching the children's program "Blue Peter" and rushing off to find an empty toilet roll and some sticky back plastic !
My first task was to make a paper mache train. Instead of Christmas crackers this year I thought a bright sparkly train would be more fun as we have 2 young children visiting .  Each truck will hold a bag of  surprise goodies for each person :)
Paper mache Christmas train
I then decided to make something festive to go in the garden. Out came the hammer, nails and tin snips . It didn't take long to find some old pieces of wood and with a bit of paint and added decorations ( made from an old biscuit tin)  this was the result.  I'm going to "plant" them in a large container with some sprigs of holly by our front door... :)
wood scrap snowmen and tree
After all the hammering and sawing I thought I would head off to make something a bit more genteel. A good rummage through my material box resulted in enough oddments to make some Christmas table mats. Our old ones were looking a bit faded and not very festive so I went for a simple tree design that seemed to work rather well :)
Christmas tree table mats
Finally (unless inspiration hits in again) I made a tree topper. I like the old fashioned Father Christmas figures and wanted to make something similar. It's only about 7 inches high so it was a bit fiddly in parts!  I could have used polymer clay for his face but I thought paper mache would be a more traditional material and more challenging (I enjoy a challenge) . I attached his head onto a cardboard cone then added the clothes etc.
He didn't turn out too bad and I learned a lot . It was a fun and interesting project from the initial design to working out the best ways of getting the results I wanted...
Father Christmas tree topper
Soon I celebrate my Birthday and then it will be Christmas...I'm wondering what will be more exciting...the presents or the packaging they come in! Ho ho ho!
Complete guide to painting in acrylics

On another note I am pleased to announce that my painting "He loves me, he loves me not" has been published in the "Complete guide to painting in acrylics" by Lorena Kloosterboer .... exciting days!
"He loves Me, he loves Me Not..."
The book contains work from 97 artists and is available from Amazon